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Lenny Kravitz - You Belong To Me tab

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Intro: (Bm  F#m)  x2

  You are the flame in my heart You light my way in the dark
F#m                         Bm
   You are the ultimate star  You lift me from up above
Your unconditional love   Takes me to paradise

Bm                      F#m
I belong to you and you you belong to me too
     Bm                                      F#m     Bm  F#m
you make my life complete you make me feel so   sweet

  You make me feel so divine your soul and mind are entwined
F#m                      Bm
   Before you I was blind  but since I've opened my eyes
And with you there's no disguise   so I could open up my mind
I always loved you from the start but I could not figure out
       F#m                         Bm
That I had to do it everyday so I put away the fight
Now I'm gonna live my life giving you the most in every way
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