Lil Wayne - Da Da Da tab

Ok just tried to find this songs tabs and couldn't find any so I tabbed the intro solo 
quick. I know its close so any suggestions just would be great.

e---------------I e---------------I e-----------------I e---------x-----------|
 ---------------I  ---------------I  -5-5-5/7-8-7-5---I  ---------x-----------|
 ---------4p2-4-I  -4/5-4-2-4p2-4-I  ---------------4-I  -2/4-4p2-4-----------|
 -----2-4-------I- ---------------I  -----------------I  ---------2-----------|
 -2/4-----------I  ---------------I  -----------------I  ---------2-----------|
E---------------I E---------------I E-----------------I E---------2-----------|
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