Limp Bizkit - Channel tab

Band: Limp Bizkit
Song: The Channel
Album: The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1
Tuning: B F# B E G# C#

The main riff of the song had always left me wondering of how Wes plays it.
For what I can tell, there's a natural harmonic in there and Wes' usual use of the 
tremolo flutter technique.
It may not be 100% right but it sounds pretty good.


Intro (Distorted & feedback)
C# |---0------------------------------------------|
G# |--(<)-----------------------------------------|
E  |--(<)-----------------------------------------|
B  |----------------------------------------------|
F# |----------------------------------------------|
B  |----------------------------------------------|

Main Riff/Verse (Distorted)
C# |--------------------------------------------------|
G# |--------------------------------------------------|
E  |--------------------------------------------------|
B  |----------------^----------^----------^-----------|
F# |--------------3h5b-------3h5b-------3h5b-------5--|
B  |--3*-0000-3p0(0)---0-000(0)---0-000(0)---0-0000---|
         ....            ..         ..         ....

^ = tremolo arm flutter (with the tremolo pointing backwards, strike
    the near end of the arm at the same time you pre-bend the 5th fret.
    Also, let the low open string ring out during the flutter.

Chorus (Distorted)
C# |---------------------------------------------------|--------------|
G# |---------------------------------------------------|--------------|
E  |--14b---14/15/14b --12b----10b---9/10/9b---7b---7--|----7b----7b--|
B  |--x---0-x--x--x---0-x---00-x---0-x-x-x---0-x--0-x--|--0-x--00-x---|
F# |--12b-0-12/13/12b-0-10b-00-8b--0-7/8/7b--0-5b-0-5--|--0-5b-00-5b--|
B  |------0-----------0-----00-----0---------0----0----|--0----00-----|
                            ..                    .            ..
Bridge (Distorted)
C# |----------------------------------------------------|
G# |----------------------------------------------------|
E  |----------------------------------------------------|
B  |--0--------0-7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7--|
F# |--0--------0-5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5---5--|
B  |--0-00-0-0-0---x---x---x---x---x---x---x---x---x----|
      . .. . .
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