Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Need You chords

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Lynyrd Skynyrd- I need you
Album- Second Helping

In the key of A minor
Moderately slow-blues pentatonic

these are the chords for the verses and choruses, except for the outros on the verses
    Am   C    D    G    D/F#  F
e-  0----0----2----3----0-----1
b-  1----1----3----3----3-----1
G-  2----0----2----0----2-----4
D-  2----2----0----0----0-----3
A-  0----3---------2----0-----3
E-  ---------------3----2-----1

verse 1
                  Am    C
Ain't no need to worry
D                Am
Ain't no use in cryin
Am                  C         D
Cause i'll be comin home soon
To keep you satisfied
Am                  C    D
You know i get so lonely
That i feel i can't go on
Am                     G        
but it feels so good inside baby
D/F#        F              Am
Just to call you on the telephone
And i say

Am            C     D
ooh baby i love you
what more can i say
Am         C                  D
ooh baby i nee-ee-eed you ooh
i miss you more everyday

that's it, great tune, my favorite from skynyrd, i think it's the bluesiest, but that's just me, 

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