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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 13:34:52 +0100
From: (Anand Kumar)
Subject: CRD: c\curry_mark\gone_swimming.crd

Gone Swimming

written by Mark Curry
as performed on the album "It's Only Time"
transcribed by Anand Kumar (

This is one of the best song I know so far. Besides it's very easy (at least the
rhythm guitar, singing simutaneously might be more difficult)!
The G is played at the 3rd fret and you slide into the F played at the first
fret, everytime you have a G followed by an F.
You really have to listen to the CD for the rhythm of the voice. I thought
about putting the chords right where they are sung, but somehow this made
the appearance of the file even worse, so I aligned them to the words, which
is not exactly the way they are sung, but much easier to visualize. You'll
get it anyway, I guess.

G   F   C   C
G   F   C   C
G                           F
Down by the Riverside, well there's a place for me
      C                           C
Where I won't sit and think about where I'd rather be
G                  F
and I don't need nothing
C                  C
but the look on my face
It's all bullshit
F(stop)                       D       C(stop)
It's just the time it takes between
                         G     D
where it comes and where it

You can go swimming, no sign of rainstorms or
thunder I won't be joining you
because today between the time it's taking
F                                      C(stop)
me to wonder I just might get sucked under

single note riff: g a# c d#^c


G           F     C                  C
Down by the ocean, it's all behind me it's just an open sea,
G                        F
and I can really see for miles
C             C
I wish I knew just what I was looking for
G(stop)                   F(stop)                   D
A pool of endless rhymes, I ain't talking 'bout the water
              C(stop)                        G    D
We're talking time, where it comes and where it   yeah

C                                               F
You can go swimming, there's been no warning of hurricane
or tidal wave, ain't no dangerous fish out there
I won't be joining you still
It's just a feeling in me I get washed out to the sea

Yeah the sea

D  D  Am  Am               fooling around with Dsus2, Dsus4,
D  D  Am  Am(stop)         Am7 and Amsus2 sounds nice if you're
                           playing alone (i.e. without band)

I wish I could go 'cause you know
that the water doesn't usually frighten me so
It's not the depth of the sea that infatuates me
It's what remains to be seen, like the time in between
                            D     F
where it comes and where it goes
         D        F        C(stop)    riff
where it goes yeah

G                  F
Down in a creekbed in my old neighbourhood
C                         C
there is a trickle that's dirty and warm
G                       F
and I have spend many a childhood hour there
C                          C
It's where I used to play, seems like yesterday
G                       F
But I was younger then, just make believing
C             C
making wishes and tossing pennies in
G(stop)             F(stop)
and now I've grown, haven't changed my tone,
                    D	                        C        F
just getting stoned and ain't pretending that I know

C                                      F
You can go swimming though it's only a trickle there
and the floodgates haven't worked for years
I won't be joining you, no, I wish I could go

but I
    C     F
and I
C                     F
You can go swimming

fade out...
Anand Kumar;
"Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral..." - D. Vader
Neither me... you perhaps?
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