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Matt Corby - Song For chords

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This is the fourth track off Matt Corby's new EP "Song For...", however I worked out 
chords from a live version. It's the first time that I have worked out chords to a song, so 
not certain that it is 100% correct, so if you have any corrections let me know :)

Matt's official myspace is:

Song For…

G^   G chord moved up a string, minus the third finger
* progression
note: when playing D, add pinkie finger to the 6th string, 3rd fret,
to 1 & ½ beats into the bar.

G /    D /    Am /    E /   *             >HARMONICA<
G/     D/     Am/     E/ x2               >HARMONICA<
G/     D/
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Am                E
A million prayers,
went up to heaven,
              D       Am
they went for nothing.
A million pleas,
came back down,
they said stop asking.

Am            G^        G
So much blood on my hands x2

Am               E
The angels cried,
“You can do nothing”
           D          Am
Our hearts have sunken.
Cause the focus of our dreams
Was fraudulent yet weary
That the Lord’s wrath who’d come

Am      G^               G
So much blood on my hands x5

Am /  G^ /    G / 	>HARMONICA<
Am /  G^ /    G /    	>HARMONICA<

Am      G^               G
So much blood on my hands x3 (End on G, let it ring out)
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