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Matt Maher - Rise Up chords

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Recording in B (G capo 4)
Main progression: C G Em D (IV, I, vi, V)

Verse 1
                  C                       G
When you see the road ahead
                    Em                   D
that you've been down before
                        C                 G
When you're half way to no where
               Em                     D
and you can't pay the toll

Cont. C G Em D pattern
You're hanging onto mercy
withered on the vine
With your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds
and your heart on the line

A                     C
Open up your eyes

                         C  C         G  G
You've got to rise up (rise up)
                  Em                      D
when this life has got you down
                        C  C         G  G
You've got to look up (look up)
                   Em 	                   D
when you search & nothings found
          C                                 G                   Em                             D
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the love that's here and now
                   C  C    G G 
It's coming down
                  Em Em   D D
So rise up now.

Verse 2
Main progression C G Em D (IV, I, vi, V)

When your told that day is over  (IV > I)
long after the sun goes down (vi > V)
And your mind it keeps on racing  (IV > I)
at the dreams that don't come 'round (vi > V)

When you don't know how to surrender (IV > I)
'Cause your whole life's been a fight (vi > V)
When the dark holds you and you can't break through  (IV > I)
cause you haven't seen the light. (vi > V)

Open up your eyes…

C		        G
And all the lambs roar like lions
Em			   D
And all the prisoners breaking their chains
C		      G
And all the poor find their treasure
Em	 	        D
Cause heaven is coming this way. x2
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