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Mayonnaise - Synesthesia tab

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Band / Artist : MAYONNAISE  	
Song title : SYNESTHESIA
ALBUM: unknown


Follow This Chord Pattern:

D/F#: 000775
G/B: 055403
E5: 079980

Intro: G/B D/F# E5 C 2x

Verse 1

E5   D/F#    C
Save your smile

E5   D/F#    C
Everything fades through time

E5   D/F#      C
Im lost for words

E5   D/F#         C
Endlessly waiting for you

E5   D/F#    C
Stay with me

E5   D/F#           C
Yes i know, this cannot be..

E5   D/F#    C
As Morning Comes,

E5          D/F#                         C
I say good bye to you when im done.. to the Sun


G/B                D/F#                      E5
Because ive been waiting for you, waiting for this..

   C                    G/B 
Dream to come true, just to be with you.

G/B          D/F#        E5
And if die, remember this line..

C                  G/B           D/F#-E5-C
"Im always here, guarding you life..........

VERSE 2: the  same chords to verse 1

E5  D/F#     C
I am yours

E5          D/F#           C
Im completely trapped in your soul

E5   D/F#        C
Dazed and Confused

E5        D/F#           C
Swept away with your own words.

E5   D/F#   C
Youre my star

E5    D/F#           C
Invincible,haunting and far

E5   D/F#       C
Grace under fire

E5   D/F#        C            D
Someone is building my hurt, in my heart.


VERSE 3: same to verses 1 and 2

Slowly falling into you
im obsessed with the fact that im with you
I can't breathe without you........oooooohhhhhhh


Ending: G/B D/F# E5 C 2x

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