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Mcfly - Not Alone tab

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 E                             Asus2
life,is getting harder day by day
     E                                 Asus2
and i,dont know what to do,or what to say
        C               B                Asus2
and my mind is growing weak every step i take
     C            B                  Asus2
its uncontrolable now they think im fake

             E B Asus2       E B Asus2     Asus2
Cuz im not alone,but im not alone,im not alone

     E                      Asus2         E
and i get on the train on my own,yeah my tired radio
                    Asus2      C                 B             Asus2
keeps playin tired songs,and i know,that theres not to long to go
      C              B            Asus2
and all i want to do,is just go home

            E B Asus2         E B Asus2
But im not alone,cuz im not alone

 B                     C       D
people rip all the clothes i wear
B                    C         D
everyday seems to be the same they just swear
the just dont care,they just dont care,they just dont care

              E B Asus2     E B Asus2
but im not...alone,im not alone

E B Asus....
na na na na na na na na......
         E                            E
im not alone lalalala yea yea im not alone

Chords used 

   E                       Asus2              B 7th fret      C 9th fret

e x-------------x      e x-----------x   
b x-------------x      b x-----------x   
g xO------------x      g x-O---------x   
d x-O-----------x      d x-O---------x   
a x-O-----------x      a x-----------x   
e x-------------x      e x-----------x   

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