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Meat Puppets - Oh Me tab


           E               D              D          C           E
e -------------0--|--------------|------------------|-----0-----|---0---|
B -------------0--|------------3-|------------3-----|-----1-0-0-|---0---|
G -------------1--|------------2-|------------2--0-0|-----0-0-0-|---1---|
D ------2--2-2----|------2-0-0-0-|------2-0-0-0--0-0|-2-2-------|-2-----|
A --0-2----2-2----|--0-2---0-0---|--0-2---0-0-------|-3-3-------|-2-----|
E -4--------------|-4------------|-4----------------|-----------|-0-----|

   If I had to loose a mile, if I had to touch feelings
   I would loose my soul, the way I do


   G         E      G           E
e -3--3-3-3-----0-|-3--3-3-3----0-|
B -0--0-0-0-----0-|-0--0-0-0----0-|  Repeat this until :
G -0--0-0-0-----1-|-0--0-0-0----1-|
D -----------2-2--|----------2-2--|
A -----------2-2--|----------2-2--|
E -----------0-0--|----------0-0--|


          C            D         E
e -------------0-----|---------------0---|
B -------------1-----|-----3---------0---|
G ---------0-0-0-0-0-|-2-2-2-2-2-----1---|
D ------2--2-2---2-2-|-0-0-0-2-2-0-0-----|
A --0-2----3-3---3-3-|-0-0---0-0-0-0-----|
E -4-----------------|-------------------|


e ---------------------------3/2-----------2/5-5-5-3-2----------------------|
B -------------------3-3^5~------5--(3-5)-5------------5/3-----------3-5~---|
G ------------2-4~-----------------------------------------4-2-2-2/4--------|
D ------2-2^4---------------------------------------------------------------|
A --0-2---------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -4------------------------------------------------------------------------|


Use the same chords as part (C) : C-D-E (but now as powerchords and slide
from C to D and from D to E.

~   = vibrato                       | Sequence : Intro
/   = slide                         |            Verse 1 + Chorus
^   = push                          |            Solo
( ) = play very softly              |            Verse 2 + Chorus
                                    |            Outro

Lyrics (taken from :

if i had to lose a mile
if i had to touch feelings
i would lose my soul
the way i do

i don't have to think
i only have to do it
the results are always perfect
and that's old news

would you like to hear my voice
sweetened with emotion
invented at your birth?

i can't see the end of me
my whole expanse i cannot see
i formulate infinity
and store it deep inside of
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