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Melissa Etheridge - Nowhere To Go tab

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Date: Sun, 17 Dec 95 15:40:08 -0600
Subject: CRD: "Nowhere to Go" by Melissa Etheridge

Date:    Fri, 24 Nov 1995 13:17:27 EST
From:    Nicki Sutherland 
Subject: CHORDS - 24 NOVEMBER 1995

Well, here are those chords. Sorry for redundency/repitition, but I
thought some of you might like these. Corrections welcome...

Nowhere to go:-

I know a place
down past an old shack
on a road that goes to nowhere
ain't nobody coming back
we can go there tonight
we can talk untill dawn
or maybe something else
A                   B
ill leave the radio on

theres no one to hear
you might aswell scream
they never woke up
from the American dream
and they dont understand
what they dont see
and they look through you
and they look past me
E   Abm                   F#m
oh you and i are dancing slow
A               B       E
and we got nowhere to go

past the wal-mart and the prison
down by the old va
just my jeans and my t-shirt
and a blue chevrolet
its saturday night
feels like everythings wrong
ive got some strawberry wine
i want to get you alone

down by the muddy water
of the mighty mo
in an abandoned box car
will i ever know
dance with me for ever
this moment is devine
im so close to heaven
this hell is not mine
this hell is not mine
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