Merle Haggard - Set Me Free chords

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Set Me Free

D                   G        
If you think you've had enough, 
A7                  D
If you think you're life's been rough,
                  G                 Em     
Why not take your love light off of me? 
A7         D                
And set me free.

If you think our love's all wrong, 
If you feel the fire is gone,
If I'm not what you'd like for me to be, 
Set me free.

D7              G           A7             D
Set me free and let me fly like a bluebird flying high.
D7                     G            Em
Release the chains that bind you and me;
A7         D     A7     D
And Set Me Free. Set Me Free.

But youíre the kind that likes to hold on to love
Till itís grown cold
And you know, youíve held on much too long to me
So set me free


by: Josť Duarte
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