Middle Class Rut - New Low chords

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		     New Low - Middle Class Rut
Tabbed by: neuroxik
Email: [username above] @gmail.com

Alright, this will be quite short because the same chords repeat throughout the intro,
verses and choruses. I'm putting it up here because no one seems to get it right yet it's
3 simple chords. They're mostly played as power chords but I wrote "Am" and not "Am5" in 
case you decide to just strum along

Am - C - G [repeat]

I have no space, no room to move around
        C                            G
And this box is getting smaller, I'm trying to get out
How did I get so far from where I was
         C                        G
When did I decide to lose my way, who have I become

Am                     C
I got a new low all 52 cards in a row
                 G                   Am
I see now that I won'T let go, no I won't let go
Am                             C
Well who am I? A cold shoulder left to cry
                  G             Am
You feel bad well so do I, yeah so do I

Am                                 C
 I been right, I been left, I been wrong .........

[same chords repeat 'til end of song]
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