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My Little Pony Friendship is Witchcraft
Episode 6: Lunar Slander

Enjoy! This one was tricky, but this is the best I could do. 

Am               E      Am
I'm the princess of the night,

Am                E      Am
So of coarse they run in fright. 

They feel threatened and unsure.

Am               E    Am
So let's tighten your allure. 

Am                E     Am
I don't think you understand,

Am               E        Am
I bring darkness to their land. 

But what causes them to flee-

Am         E    Am
Must be my supremacy. 

Am              E     Am
Make it so they can't resist. 

Am             E Am
So that we can coexist. 

You'll be welcome in their clique. 

Am                  E      Am

Am               E    Am
Turn your social life around;

Am                    E      Am
Ditch those boots and homely crown. 

I can help with one small fee- 

Am         E             Am        
Give your Princesshood to me!

I own nothing. 
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