Misc Unsigned Bands - Jay Jay And The Kosher Jew Jews - 8 Year Old Sweatshop Worker chords

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8 Year Old Sweat Shop Worker - Jay Jay and the Kosher Jew Jews

D G Bm A x2

Tumble outta bed, and turn off the alarm clock
D            G             Bm            A    

My lungs are filled with lead, from the Nike sweatshop
   D                     G              Bm           A
I make 12 cents an hour, that's my salary
  D                G     Bm             A   

I'm only 8 years old but I support my family
    D    G                 Bm             A   

My dad's a drug addict, i find that shit whack
   D            G         Bm             A   

while I'm at work making shoes, he's smoking crack
D                 G                 Bm      A   

My mom's a different story, she's not as mean
   D                 G      Bm            A   

because of the arranged marriage, she's only fourteeeeeeeeeeeeeen, fourteen!
  D                     G               Bm         A   

'Cause life in China, it ain't that great
    G        A       D          Cadd9

Workin' in a sweatshop, when you're only eiiiiiiiight.. years old
G            A               Cadd9

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