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Misc Unsigned Bands - Liam Lawton - Clouds Veil chords

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Clouds Veil - Liam Lawton


[D]            [D/C#]         [F#m] 
Even though the rain hides the stars

[G]             [F#m]           [A]
Even though the mist swirls the hills

[F#m]                     [Bm]    [G]                    
Even when the dark clouds veil the sky

[D]  [D/C#] [F#m]
God is by my side

[D]         [D/C#]             [F#m] 
Even when the sun shall fall in sleep

[G]          [F#m]      [A]
Even when the sky shall weep

[F#m]         [Bm]        [G]
Even when the storms shall rise

[D]  [D/C#] [F#m]
God is by my side

[G]    [A]   [D]
You are by my side

Verse 1:

[G]        [F#m]    [Bm]
Bright the stars at night

[G]                 [A]   [D]
That mirror heavens way to you

[G]        [F#m]    [Bm]
Bright the stars in light
      [G]                          [A]
Where dwell the saints in love and truth


Verse 2:

[G]      [F#m]    [Bm]
Deep the feast of life

[G]                 [A]          [D]
Where saints shall gather in deep peace

[G]     [F#m]   [Bm]
Deep in heavens light

      [G]                         [A]
Where sorrows pass beyond death's sleep


Verse 3:

[G]       [F#m]    [Bm]
Blest are they who sing

[G]               [A]      [D]
The fellowship of Saints in light

[G]     [F#m]   [Bm]
Blest is Heaven's King

     [G]                       [A]
All Saints adore the Lord most high

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