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Misc Unsigned Bands - Blue Knob Rural Fire Brigade - The Story Of Harriet Fraser chords

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The Story of Harriet Fraser:

Standard Tuning: Eadgbe

Enjoy :)

Preston has a tiny penis
C					G        D
And he doesnt know how to use it 
                                                         (didnt know how to use it)
He fucked a girl who had never been fingered
C							          G         	D
She bled and bled and bled until his face turned red. . .                     with horror!!!
    							(It turned red)
She jumped in the shower and cleaned herself up
C							G              D
And preston said, bitch, are you ready to suck?
                                                                            (Shes ready to suck)
D	      C                  G
Preston. . . Preston. . . Preston. . .
D	      C	            G
Preston. . . Preston. . . Preston. . .

He presented himself for her on the bed
C					      G	          D
And she proceeded to give him head
                                                              (On the bed)
She sucked him off till he was dry
C						G	   D
Then he broke down and started to cry
       (Oh nooOOoooo)
But even though he fucked this germ
C								G  
He still fucked a virgin and made her drink the sperm

D				D D* D  C  G

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