Misc Unsigned Bands - The Sidaislers - Singapore Town chords

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This is one of Singapore's favourite tunes. Originally made for one of the 
National Day Parades in the 1990's, it has become one of Singapore's favourite for 
its catchy tunes and simple, localised lyrics.

Used during the Sunburst Youth Camp 2012.

Verse 1:
          C                         F
You could take a little trip around Singapore town
   G                 C
In Singapore city bus
       C                F  
To see Collyer Quay and Raffles Place
    G                      C
The Esplanade and all of us

           C          F
Because in Singapore, Singapore
      G                  C
Their hearts are big and wide you'll find
           C          F
Because in Singapore, Singapore
       G                  C
You'll find happiness for everyone

Verse 2:
      C              F                  Am            G
Let's go down to the riverside, it's an unforgettable sight
           C            F                     Am       G    C
To see the sunrise on a faraway isle, turning darkness into light

( Repeat Chorus )

Verse 3:
    C             F        Am                 G
The buildings are climbing all the way to the sky
              C                            G
And there's a hundred other people who are striving
    Am          G       C
For people like you and I

( Repeat Chorus )
( Bridge )
( Repeat Chorus )
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