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Morning Musume - Furusato tab

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This song is one of mm's bests. Like most of really good song is not that 
hard but it's not piece of cake either.

G6 A B- (add9)  

E-add9 D6/F# GM7  (G6)

E-add9 D6/F# GM7

G(M7)  A   B-
E-7    D   G/B  A7sus4 A

G  A   B-
G  G- Dsus4 D 

A- (7 or /G)   G    F#7   B-  (D)
G   B-   G   B-   C#m7b5  F#7  A

Chorus (...Namida Tomaranai ka mo)
D    A   B-   GM7  
E-7  G-  A7sus4  A  (x2)

This is a link to the next verse
B- A  G  D/F#   
G    E-7  A(7)

Repeat verse, PreChorus and Chorus
Then the intro again

G  G6add9  G

Repeat PreChorus, Chorus and Intro 

once again to finish

E-add9:  02x002
D6/F#:   2x0202
C#m7b5:  x4545x
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