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Mymp - When She Cries tab

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Title      :	When She Cries
Artist     :	MYMP
Album      :    Now

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Intro: A9-A-AM7-A-(2x)

 A                  D             E                    A   
The road, I have travelled on, Is paved with good intentions

   A                D                 Bm              E   
It's littered with broken dreams, That never quite came true

A                D                   E     A    
When all of my hopes were dying, Her love kept me trying

F#m            Bm              E                    A
Shes doesn't have to hide, The pain that she's been through


           D       A        Bm           E            A 
When she cries at night, And she doesn't think that I can hear her

     D        A           B7              Esus-E
She tries to hide all the fears she feels inside

   D          A          Bm   E         A           F#m 
So I pray this time, I can be the man that she deserves

Cause I die a little each time when she cries

 A                  D           E              A        
She's always been there for me, Whenever I've fallen

             D              Bm                E        
When nobody else believed, She'd be there by my side

 A                  D            E           A  
I don't know how she takes it, Just once I like to make it

F#m                Bm                     E            A            
Then there'll be tears of joy, That'll fill her loving eyes

(repeat chorus)

When shes cries


      D        A         Bm     E          A     F#m
So I pray this time, I can be the man that she deserves,

         Bm                 E         
Cause I die a little each time 

when she cries


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