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Nickelback - Just To Get High tab

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(Verse 1)
D5                                Bb
He was my best friend, I tried to help him,
But he traded everything, for suffering,
And found himself alone.
D5                              Bb
I watched the lying, turn into hiding,
With scars on both his lips, his fingertips...
Were melted to the bone.

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F                                   Fm
But I can still remember what his face looked like,
F                                      Fm
When I found him in an alley in the middle of the night.
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
Tell me what you know! Tell me what you gone and done now!
A gun would do the trick, get it over with,

You're better off..
To take all you've got 

N' burn it on the spot,
To get high-igh, igh, igh (high-igh, igh, igh).

(Verse 2)

Three days no sleeping, he gave up eating,
He sold his mother's rings, she said nothing,
And pretended not to know...
He started stealing, to supply the feeling,
Found out he pulled a knife, on someone's wife...
And held it to her throat.

RPT chorus x4

Then solo

Then extended chorus(same chords and timing)

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