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Noah And The Whale - I Have Nothing chords

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From the new Noah and the Whale CD.

Chords: (standard tuning)
    Eb     Eb/D    Cm      Bb     Ab

Intro(with the humming):
Eb Eb/D Cm Bb Ab x2

I have nothing
Eb/D      Cm
   I have no one
         Bb                  Ab
And I've been so quickly set free
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I love nothing
Eb/D      Cm
   I love no one
    Bb                      Ab
Are words you whisper in my mind

       Eb         Ab
To someone I don't know x2
To someone

(same as above)
So walk with me
on this new spring morning
I'll walk with you, till your fears are none

I'm a new baby weeping
at the flower you're keeping
That without love, it'll wilt and die

I need your life in my life x2
I need your life

So come back to me
my darling

I'd do anything to be at your side
I'd be anyone to be at your side

I need your life in my life x2
I need your life

Its pretty much the same rhythm for the whole song. Go out and buy the cd, and play 
with it!
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