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Norma Jean - Untitled tab

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this is only the strumming part of the song and i don't know how accurate it is, but it 
pretty close.this is my first tab so im
sorry if you can't understand my directions...i tried.
~ -let ring
\ -slide down                  :listen to song for strumming pattern
/ -slide up

fig.1 -clean
|-----------------------------------------------|   play this through
|-----------------------------------------------|   twice

  then when you slide back up from '335' play
|--------------------|  this instead of strumming for 8.
|--------------------|  then repeat fig.1 four more times
|--------------------|  before the chorus ,

chorus - distorted
|10~---7~---|repeat 4x
| 8~---5~---|
| 8~---5~---|

back to fig.1 - play 4x

chorus - 12x

fig.1 - 2x; let ring out at the end.
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