Paddy And The Rats - Never Walk Alone chords

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6/8 Takt

Verse 1:
I was prowling all night down the Hell Street
            F                  C
beside me a beggarman's stinky dog
F                  C
Talking 'bout life so bona fide
          F             G         C
then woke up beside an old beggar mug
Slept in the alley and dremt about Sally
    F                 C
My pillow was my torn shoes
F                C          G          C
Had a marvellous sleep on a drunk cold night
F             G           C
Thank for the bittersweet booze

C            F
If you don't see the light
C           F
On drunken winter nights
C           F               G
And the pain's deep in your bones
C           F
And if you need a friend
C                F
I'll be there to hold your hand
C           F          G
Then you'll never walk alone

G                         F          C
Don't let the sun and the skies fall down
G                           C
Whisper the sound from your soul
G                            F       C
Hold my weak hands and don't say goodbye
F            G          C
Then we'll never walk alone

Verse 2:
I'm prowling all night with my hands in my pocket
They're harden into stone
Just Pull me in deep so I dare to confess
Sometimes you can't make it on your own
Can't hear my heart beaten until it's covered
with sorrow, we're two worlds apart
As I can find a silent place
I'm one foot close to my heart

How do you find the right way
   C                  G
If there's no shining light?
F          C          G       C
How do you trust your real belief
F                 G        C
If destiny's the one who's defied?
How can be the pain so timeless
   C               G
If time is on your side?
F          C         G    C
How do you find your real belief
F             G         C
If there's no shining light? 

Chords by Thore von Steuben
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