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Paramore - Adore chords

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Tuning: Standard
Chords by Steph Tana: 
C = x32010
Am = x02210
Em = x22000
F = 13300x
G = 320033

Intro: C-Am-Em-F-G 2x C


C               Am
I don't mean to run but everytime you 
Em                       F          G---C
come around I feel more alive than ever. 
C                    Am
And i guess it's too much maybe we're too 
Em                                  F
young and I don't even know what's real 
but I know I never wanted anything so 
F              Em               F---G
bad I've never wanted anyone so bad.


If I let you love me (If I say),
be the one adored (It's okay),
would you go all the way (You can stay)? 
F              G
Be the one I'm looking for. 2x


C                 Am
Help me come back down. I'm high above 
    Em                              F
the clouds you know I'm suffocating but I 
           G     C        Am
blame this town. Why do I deny the things                   
that burn inside? Down deep I'm barely 
          F                   G        
breathing but you just see a smile 
Em                         F     
and I don't wanna let this go. 
Em                    F  G--
Really I just want to know.

Repeat Chorus 4x
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