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Paul Colman Trio - All Around The World tab

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-----All around the world----
-------Paul Colman Trio------

Capo 1

Verse 1:
Em 	 C		 	G	D		  Em
Let me tell you something nothing beats my lonely girl
 C		     G	   D		       Em
For tonight we may be parted but this candle burns
    C		    G 	   D		 Em 
And the light it shines forever out into the night
    C		    G 	  D		
Crossing every single border like a satellite 

Am				        C
And even though you're sleeping you know my heart is beating

G		  D		        Am  		C
I will take you right here with me all around the world
G		        D	         Am   (clap clap)  C  
'Cause in my heart you're always with me all around,     all around the world 

Verse 2: 
Em	     C 		     G	         D			     Em
And I'm praying for the angels to guide this jet plane home
  	C		G		D	       Em
You say it's safer now than driving but I'd rather see the road
        C 		     G       	     D		     Em
And be in charge of my position and not have so far to fall
         C			G	D
So I ask the God of mercy to let me see my home 

Am				C
And hold the sweetest angel and be with my own people

Chorus x2
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