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Pearl Jam - Off He Goes tab


Off He Goes
From: jeremy keehn 

ok, this one's not too tough... basically three chords, though there are 
some nice variations you can throw in if you want- i added in a
G/F-Asus2-Am pattern that can just be left as F-C-Am if you prefer...
and instead of playing Fs, you can play Csus4 (11033x)... that sounds
pretty good, too.

[repeat 2x]



F C           F C                    Am
  Know a man... His  face pulled and tense...
          F C                             G/F  Asus2 Am 
Like he's riding on a motorbike... in the strongest  winds
       F           C                    F           C
So I approach with tact... suggest that he should relax
    F           C      G/F      F
But he's always moving much too fast
                             Am Asus2 Am                          Asus2 Am  
Said he'll see me on the flipside...      of this trip he's taken for a ride

          F C       F        C     F      C
He's been takin'... too much on... off he goes
            F   C  G/F Asus2 Am         F        C
with his perfectly un--kept  clothes... there he goes




F C Am

     F           C     F C
He's yet to come back... but I see his picture
F C                F    C         Am         F      C
  Doesn't look the same up on the rack... we go way back
F                    Am Asus2  Am                                Asus2   Am
I wonder 'bout his insides... it's like his thoughts are too big for his size

          F C              F       C       F      C
He's been taken... Where?  I don't know... off he goes
            F   C  G/F Asus2 Am      F        C
with his perfectly un--kept  hope... there he goes

[repeat chorus riff]

          F      C              F     C
And now I rub my eyes... for he has returned
F C           F     C              G/F         Asus2 Am
  Seems my preconceptions are what should have been  burned
    F        C   
For he still smiles... and he's still smiling
F C                            F        C           G/F  Asus2 Am
  Nothing's changed but the surrounding bullshit... that has   grown

F            C    F         C
And now he's home and we're laughing
F              C      F       C               Am
Like we always did... my same old... same old friend
        F          C                F            C
Until a quarter to ten... I saw the strain creep in
F C                          F         C                G/F Asus2 Am
  He seemed distracted and I know just what is going to hap-pen   next
           F     C       F         C
Before his first step... he is off again

From: Alan Maxwell Herlihy <>

          Am (strum Am a few times)
G|---------2- x 2      

           F C C

Then the rest of the song is basically just a combination
or F, C and Am chords. A classic "3 chord"-er.

There's also this little bit, or something similar.


Date: Mon, 9 Dec 96 11:29 GMT+1300
From: "w.p. richards" 

Off He Goes
Pearl Jam
from No code album.

Intro:        Am
G-------------2-2-2-2-2-2------------- x2

You may want to try lifting your big finger on and off when playing the Am.
   F     C                 F     C                 F

Chords used in song:
   Am  C  F  G

C          F  C              F          Am
Know a man    His face seems pulled and tense
         F     C     F    C           F    C    Am
like hes riding on a motorbike in the strongest winds
    F              C   F        C
So I approach with tact suggest he should relax
Am             F      G          F
but hes always moving much too fast 
(at the end of the verse there is no chord but try C for fun)
Chorus 1
Am                                 Intro picking Am
Said hell see me on the flip side of his trip hes taken for a ride
Intro picking F   C F        C    F       C
hes been      taken too much on off he goes
                   F C    Am      F        C
with his perfectly unkept clothes there he goes

Verse 2( same chords as in verse 1 I think)

Hes yet to come back but I see his picture
doesn't look the same up on the rack we go way back

Chorus 2( chords are same as chorus 1)

I wonder bout his insides its like his thoughts are too big for his size
hes been take where? T don't know off he goes
withe his perefectly unkept hope there he goes

and now I rub my eyes for he has returned
seems my preconception are what should have been burned
for he still smiles and hes still strong
nothing's chaned but the surronding bullshit that has grown

And now hes home and were laughing
like we always did my same old same old friend

Until a quarter to ten i see the strain creep in
He seems ditacted and i know just what going to happen next
before his first step he is off again

I havent done the rest because it repeats itself i think.Comments e-mail me at.

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 11:53:54 -0800 (PST)

Off He Goes

From the album "No Code" as recorded by  Pearl Jam

I've seen two seperate tabs for the beginning riff of this song...
Both are wrong.  Here's the combination of the two plus my corrections:


e--------------|----            Repeat twice, then follow the
B--------------|----            chord progression from the
G--------------|----            other tabs.

Keep Rockin'

Tabbed by Brian C. Rogers
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