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Pee Wee Gaskins - Dorks Never Say Die chords

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Intro : C G Am F 2X

C                       G                          Am
I got so good in physics while i got beaten phisycally
i went thru a lot just to write this down
done with the bullies and the bad treats
and all the guys who thinks they own the streets
oh it's good to know it's almost over

G              Em            D
my heartbeat's getting faster
           C                                    G
im sick of waiting any longer waiting any longer
           Em                        D
and i will meet you on the other side
           C         Am
we all can leave with pride
i know that we can make it right

Chorus : 

C                    G
life is calling me now, i'm with you somehow
let's just pretend that they're all dead
(let's just pretend that they're all dead)
what the hell are you waiting for
we dont have to feel this anymore
Am                                   F              G
it's you i'm with tonite we could be anywhere, with anyone anytime

Back To Chorus (without "G" chord at the end)

Bridge : G Em D C 2X
         G G C 2X
         G C Am F

highschool is almost over
(highschool is almost over)
go straight to your dream now
(go straight to your dream now)
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