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Phish - Fast Enough For You tab

The intro theme is like this:
Intro riff [2x guitar only, then 4x full band]
           [Verses start in last half of last measure]

   C7sus4           C

   C7sus4           C
[ Tab from: ]
                            If time were only
F            C
part of the equation
                        F                 G
Then you could draw the boundaries of our cage
    F        Em    Dm            Em
You wouldn't pile another stone upon me
    Eb     Bb/D* Bb                C
And I'd be happy just to watch you age.

[But everything is]in its own dominion
And waiting in the shallows as I do
Appeases me as water slowly trickles out
Which isn't nearly fast enough for you.
F                 G               C
  It isn't nearly fast enough for you
F                 G               Em
  It isn't nearly fast enough for you
F           Am/E  G/D
  It's what I was afraid of
    C            F
  I stumble into view
         Eb    Bb/D   Bb              C
  But it isn't nearly fast enough for you
     Eb    Bb/D   Bb              C   (3x)
  It isn't nearly fast enough for you.

*This Bb/D might really simply be an Eb/D.

Play intro theme under solo 4 times, then repeat the chorus, repeating the chorus outtro 
under the guitar solo and fade.
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