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Planetshakers - All For Love tab

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Intro Riff




D                            F#m - A (first 2 bars of intro)
All for love our saviour came

D        Bm                    F#m - A (As above)
Gave His life and took my place

Pre Chorus:
          E        F#m      D      A
And now I live for you, and all we do
               Bm                D
Will bring you praise, bring You praise

F#m       A               D
Whoa, I'm living for Your glory
F#m             A              D
Whoa, cause you died to set me free
        E                           F#m                       D        A
And the love that You gave when you took my place for all the world to see
         Bm                   D                                   (Intro)
You gave everything, You gave everything, and it was all for love!

      D                  Bm        F#m                   A
I was lost and You saved me, I was blind and You made me see
      D              Bm                         F#m - A
I was broken and You healed me, and now I'm free

End on A

Feel free to add corrections, i did this pretty quick

awesome song! Enjoy it :)

God Bless
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