Planetshakers - Get Up chords

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Get up

Intro: Dm - Bb,G - F

Verse 1:
Dm                   Bb     G
   With every breath that I take
   I'll praise you
Dm                 Bb     G      F
   With Every move that I make
Dm                 Bb     G
   With Everything that I am
   I'll praise you
Dm             Bb    G    F
   There Is no other way

   Dm          Em
   We stand together
        F              G
   With Hearts join as one
   Dm              Am
   And we give you glory
       Bb           C
   For all you have done

Chorus 1:
Dm               C
   Everybody Get up

   If you love Him
Dm               C
   Everybody Get up
   Get up and praise Him
Dm               C
   Everybody Get up
                   Bb           C
   If you free and give him the Praise
(Intro, Verse, Refrain, Chorus)

   You,You Everything is all for You
   You we're living each day for You
       C                     Dm
   You Everything is all for you,you
(Chorus 2: Dm - Dm - Bb-C, Chorus 1, Intro)

Legends (on intro only)
 , - Short time, go to the nxt
 - - Long time

Accoustic Chords By Kenn Aducal
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