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Plus One - The Promise tab

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Am                              Dm
I know that lately things have been so hard
Am                          Dm
And looking out over your broken heart,
F           E               Am
All you can see is dark and lonely days ahead
F                  E
But remember Jesus said

               F           G
He knows every star in the sky
             E             Am
Every single tear that you cry
    F            C            G
His love is here faithful and alive
                 F            G
I know that this world can be cold
                 E       Am
In his arms your never alone
           F          G       C
Thatís his promise to you and I

Am                                           Dm
When hope has disappeared and your heart aches
Am                                     Dm
You might not recognize the touch of grace
Fm           E                   Am
But on the other side of every dying dream
F                          E
His love is waiting patiently
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