Pocket Full Of Rocks - Alive chords

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Pocket Full Of Rocks

Vs. 1:
            G            F#sus4       Bm
There was a time I was    dead      inside. 
               G               F#sus4          Bm
You'd call my name and I'd      try         to hide.
              G              F#sus4         Bm
My heart was dark and so     full       of shame,
Full of shame.
              G             F#sus4       Bm
But like the dawning of a   brand    new day
               G            F#sus4        Bm
Your love has chased my     shame        away.
              G      F#sus4         Bm          A
How amazing, now I    hear     You singing over me!         Over me! 

          G                       D
Lively, I sing    -    Lively, I live
           F#             Bm
Giving You all I have to give,
                 G                    D           A
Until the world knows the Love that's made me so alive
I'm alive, I'm alive! 

Vs. 2:
             G               F#sus4      Bm
Well, every day I find Your  mercy       new. 
          G             F#sus4         Bm
And every moment that I spend     with You 
         G                  F#sus4          Bm     A
I am overwhelmed by Grace I can't      keep to     myself!    To myself! 


          Bm                 F#
Out of my sorrow, out of my night, 
                G            D
You called me into Glorious Light. 
                 Bm                F#                  A                
Where all of the lost, lonely and broken    Find Your light. 
Shine Your light.
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