Poison - I Wont Forget You chords

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This is my "open mic-nite" version. It holds its own and is a lot easier to play!

Intro: G power chord, D power chord (A string 5th fret), 
C power chord (A-3), B power chord (A-2), open A chord. 
The strumming is 1,1-2 for the first 3 chords, for the C power chord, 
strum it 4 more times, then the B and A once.

    G              D
Late at night I close my eyes, 

          C                           B-A
and think how things could have been . . . 

  G             D
And when    I look back 

                 C                          B
I remember some words that you said to me . . . 

It's better to have lost at love, 

         C                    D CHORUS
than never to have loved at- all  I won't for-

 G (same strumming as the intro)          D
get you baby                      (I won't forget you)

     A         C                 G
even though I could    I won't forget you babe    I won't

    D                 A      C . . .    D,C,B,C,A
forget you    eventhough I should, 

repeat the previous lyric chord structure with these lyrics:

Sometimes in my head I can still see pictures of you,

And I laugh to myself when I think of all the crazy things

that we used to do.

All those miles come between us, just beween you and me: repeat chorus 

The last chorus lines end with: Memories slowly fade,

I won't for get you babe, I won't forget you, and all the plans we made.
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