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Poison - Let It Play tab

Poison - Let it Play (rhythm part)

This is the rhythm part for "Let it Play" I'm working on the lead part so if that's what you want you're gonna have tpo wait.                                intro x 2
|---0 0-22--0-0-33|

chorus x 2 without vocals

verse                            pre chorus
|3---|let ring for 8 beats       |3-3----|
|3---|                           |3-3----|
|0---|                           |0-0----|
|2---|                           |2-0----|
|3---|                           |3-2----|
|0---|                           |0-3----|

order of song

intro x2
chorus x2 
verse x1
intro x1
verse x1
pre chorus x1
chorus x2
pre chorus x1    The song basically repeats that pattern exept for the solo which is the chorus part a few times. So have fun and someday I will tab the lead part.
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