Poisonblack - Pain Becomes Me chords

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Tuning: all strings a whole step down

Am             G
All this time I've been dreaming of it
Am              G                         F
All this time it's been haunting in my dead
Tempting me,
         Am            G           F
inviting me to fall asleep in its arms

To fall from grace,
               Am          E  F 
to breathe its ever-dimming dusk

Through my eyes
you could see the hurt I crave
Through my eyes
you'd see there's nothing left to save
I heard you said: "There's a light up ahead",
Am          G                    F
but I am heading towards a dead end

I just can't say no,
                 Am                E   F
I just can't let go for it's got me bent

Am            G         F           G          Am
I crave therefore I am and that is all I ever feel
I hope you'd understand...
   F                    G        
Once love, one pain, one enemy
I toast to misery as I dig into the devils bone
And for eternity the pain becomes me
and won't leave me alone
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