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Porcupine Tree - Time Flies tab

Capo 5th

I'm just going to put in the chords because otherwise it'll take me forever.

Intro/ Verse

e|-0-0-0-    0-|
B|-3-0-1-------|    5/6 (alternate between these chords)
G|-0-0-2-    5-|
D|-2-2-3- or 3-|
A|-3-3-0-    0-|
E|-x-x-x-    x


e|-0-0-|-----------    ----------------------|
B|-0-5-|------0----    -----0----------0-----|
G|-0-4-|----0---0--    ---0---0------0---0---|
D|-4-5-|---4-4-4-4- x2 --4-4-4-4----4-4-4-4--|
A|-5-3-|-----------    2---------------------|
E|-3-0-|-0---------    -----------0----------|

God knows what the solo is! But I've tabbed the background music at least

e|----------                          ------------     ----------------------|
B|------0---                          ------0-----     ------0----------3----|
G|----0---0-                          ----0---0---     ----0---0------0---0--|
D|---4-4-4-4 x2 same pattern as above ---2-2-2-2-- x2  ---2-2-2-2----2-2-2-2-|
A|----------                          -4----------     -3----------3---------|
E|-0--------                          ------------     ----------------------|

Then just keep repeating yourself.
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