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Powderfinger - Surviving tab

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Main riff: E G# F# E in power chords (just listen to the strumming pattern - i can't write it out) 

E G# F# E G# F#
I'll stand at your shoulder
E G# F# E G# F# A
I'll keep you running right
E G# F# E
Keep you running right

I'll fight in your corner
I'll stay by your side
A C#m
I'll stay by your side
There's no need now to worry
A A7
Our love's still here tomorrow

(Same as above)
We're too old to worry
About who's wrong and who is right
It's all so by and by

People need a villain
Someone to pay the price
It keeps them satisfied

There's no need now to worry
I'll still be here tomorrow
There aint no use in crying
for whats keeping us divided
Baby we're still trying,
(strum a B when you change from the C#m) 
A A7
we're still trying

(Main riff really loud for the rest of the song)
Baby we're still trying
Baby we're surviving
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