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Pretenders - Kid tab

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Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 02:04:36 -0500
From: Mike Dare 
Subject: TAB: "Kid" by the Pretenders

Here's my rendition of my favorite Pretenders song.  Sorry, but I couldn't
figure out the solo.  Maybe later.

"Kid" by the Pretenders,  from Pretenders I
Transcription: Mike Dare (

The song starts out in C.  Opening chord progression is: C(032010),
Am(x02210), F(133211), G(320001)

   C      Am        F    G                  C

    C        Am       F             G                    C

C         Am                         F               G
Kid, what changed your mood?  You've got all sad, so I feel sad too.

C         Am     F              G
I think I know,  some things wherever I go

C9(032030)           Am
   You think it's wrong.  I can tell you do.

F                      Dm(x00231)     G
   How can I explain,            when you don't want me to.

   C      Am       F           G                     C

C            Am       F              G
Kid, my only kid, you look so small, gone so quiet

C          Am         F            G
I know you know, what I'm about, I won't deny it.

C9            Am
  But you forget.  You don't understand.

F                          Dm         G
  You've turned your head.    You've dropped my hand.

Am        F       Am        F       Am        F            G
   All my sorrow,    all my blues,     all my sorrow - ow -ow

*The song now changes key to E right before to solo.  The chord progression
is now: E(022100), C#m(x46654), A(x02220), B(x2444x).

E               C#m          A                    B
Shut the light,     go away,   fool of grace, and cover your face

E             C#m         A                  B
Kid, precious kid, you're eyes are blue, but you won't cry

  E       C#m         A     B                  E   C#m A B
I know, angry tears today,  you won't let them go

Outro Solo (simple, yet effective)
e----------------------------         ---------------------|
B---7-------5----------------  (x 3)  9-----7-----4--------| (x 1)
G------------------4-----1---         ------------------4--|
D----------------------------         ---------------------|
A----------------------------         ---------------------|
E----------------------------         ---------------------|
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