Pretty Maids - Clay chords

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from the album Carpe Diem (2000)

Em, G, D, Asus4, A
Em, G, Bm, Bsus2, Bm

Verse 1:
          Em                   G
I've been drifting around this world a stranger 
     Bm            A
Been lost in empty space 
          Em              G              Bm    Bsus2   Bm
I've been reaching out to find my saving grace 
         Em              G
And I've lived a life of no direction 
     Bm                 A
I've walked the endless mile 
      Em             G             Bm     Bsus2  
I was down and out until I met you child 

       Bm     Em       G
I want you to take me, hold me 
D               Asus4 
Shape me as you please 
A           Em
Want you to love me 
    G              Bm    Bsus2
I'm down on bended knees 
  Bm      Em               G
I will be clay inside your hands 
  D               Asus4    A
I long for your embrace
        Em            G             Bm    Bsus2   Bm
Let the light of love shine upon my face 

Verse 2:
          Em            G
I've been tangled up in disillusion 
     Bm                A
Been stuck inside this shell 
      Em          G              Bm    Bsus2  
I was blind to anything around myself 
    Bm        Em              G 
And I've been tied up in this no man's land 
     Bm          A
This empty wilderness 
          Em                  G              Bm      Bsus2
Found the kiss of life in the fire from your breath 

repeat Chorus

    A                     Em
And finally found that my destiny 
       A                 Em
Didn't crash on tireless waves 
A                      Em                G
Now that love has been blessing me I'm unchained

Solo rhythm:
Em, G, D, Asus4, A
Em, G, Bm, Bsus2, Bm

repeat Chorus

Em, G, D, Asus4, A
Em, G, Bm, Bsus2, Bm

Em, G, D
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