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Puscifer - Momma Sed tab

Artist: Puscifer
Song: Momma Sed
Album: V is for Vagina
Tabbed by: Terry Schwimmbacher (

Tuning: Dropped C# (i.e. Dropped D down half a step)
Key: H = hammer on
     X = dead note

This is an awesome song, and so far I haven’t found any tabs that are 100% correct. This 
probably isn’t either, but it sounds better than any of the others I’ve found. I’ve 
tried to give some idea of the timing, but it’s easy enough if you just listen to the song.

Main Riff:

	    H	                       H
D# |-------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
A# |-------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
F# |-------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
C# |--------6-7---6---4---2----4---|---2-4---2---1-----------------------|
G# |-------------------------------|-------------------2-----4-----0-----|
C# |--4----------------------------|-------------------------------------|

Verse: (This sounds best with some light palm muting)

D# |--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
A# |--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
F# |--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
C# |--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
G# |--4--------2----4----4----------|-----4----4----X----4----4----------|
C# |--4--------2----4----4----------|-----4----4----X----4----4----------|

In the middle of the verse there’s a hang on the (4) chord – just listen for it.

Lead bit: (this plays in the 2nd half of the verse)

D# |---------------------------------------|
A# |---7--------7----9---------7--==-------|
F# |--------9--------------9---------9---=-|
C# |---------------------------------------|
G# |---------------------------------------|
C# |---------------------------------------|

Chorus: (I’ve just included the chords here, because the strumming pattern is really easy)
(x2 in first chorus, x4 in the second)
D# |-----------------|------------------|
A# |*----------------|-----------------*|
F# |-----------------|------------------|
C# |--------4--------|--------2---------|
G# |*-------4--------|--------2--------*|
C# |--------4--------|--------2---------|

Note: the chords change on the words “come”, “dignity”, “higher road”, “like a man”, etc.

Chorus Lead: (played throughout)

D# |------------------------------------------------------------|
A# |---9-----9-10-9---9-10-9---9-10-9---9-10-12-----------------|
F# |------------------------------------------------------------|
C# |------------------------------------------------------------|
G# |------------------------------------------------------------|
C# |------------------------------------------------------------|

Note: the (12) takes the place of the first (9) from the 2nd time onwards.

This song is actually ridiculously simple, but its fun to play and hopefully most of you 
find this tab pretty useful. Cheers.
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