Radical Face - The Mute chords

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In standard tuning, lob a capo on the 6th fret. Ben is a half step down, so he'd 
have his capo on 7th. All chords relative to capo.

Intro: G C (a few times with nice variants), then strum the G a bit going into the verse

Em                        C               G
Well, as a child I mostly spoke inside my head
Em                           C                 G
I had conversations with the clouds, the dogs, the dead
Em                                  C                 G
And they thought my broken, that my tongue was coated lead
           D                C                   Em
But I just couldn't make my words make sense to them
            D                C                   G
If you only listen with your ears... I can't get in

Em                              C                G
And I spent my evenings pullin' stars out of the sky
Em                          C                  G
And I'd arrange them on the lawn where I would lie
Em                            C                 G
And in the wind I'd taste the dreams of distant lives
            D               C                   Em
And I would dress myself up in them through the night
         D                    C                           G
While my folks would sleep in separate beds... and wonder why

Em C G x3
D  C Em
D  C D

Em                            C             G
And through them days I was a ghost atop my chair
Em                     C               G
My dad considered me a cross he had to bear
Em                      C             G
And in my head I'd sing apologies and stare
      D                  C                  Em
As my mom would hang the clothes across the line
              D               C                 G
And she would try to keep the empty... from her eyes

Em                       C              G
So, then one afternoon I dressed myself alone
Em                          C            G
I packed my pillowcase with everything I owned
Em                     C                    G
And in my head I said "goodbye," then I was gone
      D              C            Em
And I set out on the heels of the unknown
      D                  C                 Em
So my folks could have a new life of their own
        D             C      
So that maybe I could find someone
          D             C              G
Who could hear the only words that I'd known 

Em C G x7
D C Em

The song ends on that very contemplative D.
Tabbed by magicalzebra
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