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Ramblin Jack Elliott - Connection tab

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			   Connection - Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Tabbed by:Travis

B  C

            G      D
All I wanna do  
is to get back with you,
B                                C
Connection, I just can't make no connection,
            G      D                     
All I wanna do,
Is to get back with you.

G             D                     G
Everything is going in the wrong direction,
G                        D          C
The doctor wants to give me more injections,
Em                  A               C
Give me shots for a thousand rare infections,
           G                         D
and I dont kno-ow, if they'll let me goo-o

repeats the beggining a few times...

G                  D             G
My bags they get a very close inspection
G                   D               C
I don't know why it is that they suspect me
Em                   A               C
They're dying to add me to their collections
            G                      D
And I don't know if they'll let me go

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