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Ramones - Were A Happy Family tab

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	I thought it was about time to start posting
	Ramones stuff, as they are so simple and such fun to play.
	Also, I can remember them as I sit here and I don't
	need my guitar to refer to!!!

	I'll start with one of my favourites....

	We're a Happy Family - The Ramones.

Intro: (I shan't annotate the Rhythm, because it's easy to
	 work out if you have the track.)

	 Power chords, of course !!!

	A E B
	A E B
	F#              AB
	E               GA
	F#              AB
	E               GA
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 	E	       G
	We're a Happy Family,
	E	       A
	We're a Happy Family,
	E	       G
	We're a Happy Family,
	Me, Mom and Daddy!

Verse1  E	         G
	Sitting here in Queens,
	E	        A
	eating refried beans,
	E		 G
	we're in all the magazines,
	gulping down Thorazines,
	E		G
	we ain't got no friends,
	E		   A
	our troubles never end,
	E		      G
	no Christmas cards to send,
	Daddy likes men.

	A E B
	A E B
	F#		A B
	E 		G A
	F# 	        A B
	E 		G A

	chorus (or verse)

	SHIT! I can't remember the other verse, well not all of it!

	Anyway, if you like th Ramones then I'm sure you get the
	general idea.

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