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Razorlight - Stop tab

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Im not sure if this song is off the new album or a b-side that i have missed out on. But 
is really good and the chords are pretty simple.


C  - X,3,5,5,5,3
Dm - X,5,7,7,6,5
G  - 3,5,5,4,3,3



Same rythym throughout first verse


C                 Dm, G
Well i know a girl
C                              Dm,G
She told me everything she done
C                             Dm,G
She said with these tiny hands
C                         Dm,G
How my gona catch some fun

Normal Strumming

C                 Dm   G
Too deep in your eyes (oooooooooo)

Thats it. Ive kinda worked out Bjorns solos parts but i can't be bothered tabbing them 
the moment, its just the chords shapes roughly picked, then there is some more complex 
but i hope this can get u started. And you can do the rest for yourself.

If you have any queries i dont care, it sounds good in my head.

Mon the Libertines!!!!!
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