Red House Painters - Over My Head chords

Artist: Red House Painters
Song: Over My Head
Album: Ocean Beach
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning: [Capo II]

Chords Used:
C:   032010
Dm7: 003030
D11: 054030
G/C: 3-2013

Intro/Verse tab:

Intro: [play Intro/Verse tab x4]

Verse 1: [play Intro/Verse tab through-out]
Some odd door, some blooming trees
Senseless and awkward, feeling hard uneased
Sleep in rooms where people leave
Dry of gentleness of life of breeze

Chorus 1 chords:
G/C           C      G/C       C
Sometimes you get so alone without a friend
G/G          C            Dm/F    Dm7
It's hard to know who you are and to pretend

Verse 2: [play Intro/Verse tab through-out]
Little lights reaching over my head
Shiny sinks to let myself out in
And you won't call to say that it's all right
Cause you know it lasts all night

Chorus 2: use Chorus 1 chords
You know you should be at home where it's good to be tired
Under a roof that you know that we're inside

Interlude Chords: [G/C - C - G/C - C - Am ] x4, then
                   G/C - Am - G/C - Am - D11 - C

Verse 2: [play Intro/Verse tab through-out]
Some odd door of white painted sills
Faded pictures gathered round me still
And I know what you face in the night 
And I know you'll be alright

Outro: [play Intro/Verse tab to fade out]
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