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Red House Painters - Mistress tab

Title: Mistress
Artist: Red House Painters
Album: Red House Painters (a.k.a. Rollercoaster)
Tabbed by: Mathias Isaksen

Tuning: CGCFA#D

This video: was very useful when figuring out 
the chords. I found the tuning on the sad reminders-forums, if my memory serves me right.
Note that the higher-pitched strings aren't always played

D |--0--|
F |--0--|
C |--9--|
G |--10-|
C |--10-|
The guitar that fades in plays this chord until the verse starts.

D |--0--|--0--|
F |--0--|--0--|
C |--9--|--0--|
G |--10-|--3--|
C |--10-|--3--|

Verse part 2:
("Your praise little gifts, you spent your money and stuffed me with")
D |--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|
F |--0--|--0--|--0--|--0--|
C |--0--|--0--|--0--|--9--|
G |--5--|--7--|--3--|--10-|
C |--5--|--7--|--3--|--10-|

Verse part 3:
("I need someone much more mysterious")
D |--0--|--0--|--0--|
F |--0--|--0--|--0--|
C |--0--|--0--|--9--|
G |--2--|--3--|--10-|
C |--2--|--3--|--10-|

(This is when Mark starts singing in a high-pitched voice)
I'm unsure about these chords, but they sound okay.
D |-(5)-|-(3)-|--1--0--|--0--|
F |--0--|--0--|--0--0--|--0--|
C |--0--|--0--|--0--0--|--9--|
G |--7--|--5--|--3--3--|--10-|
C |--7--|--5--|--3--3--|--10-|
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