Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Angels Cry chords

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this is my first time..
just comment if there are corrections..

Verse 1
C                     Am
Well itís hard to explain 
      F              C 
but Iíll try if you let me, 
C                    Am
Well itís hard to sustain 
    F            C
I'll cry if you let me. 
C			      	    Am		      F          C
This doesn't change the way I feel about you or your place in my life. 
(Please don't cry) 
C			       Am	     F	             C	         
Canít you see I'm dying here a shot of broken heart that is chased with 

Angels cry

when stars collide 
I can't eat
and I can't breath 
I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Verse 2 
C                                     Am
Intentions that were pure have turned obscure 
             C                    Am
seconds into hours, minutes into years. 
Don't ask me why 
(please don't cry) 
         Am              G
I canít tell you lies. 


C       Am  F  C
My he-e-a-art, burns through 
C     Am  F   C              G
My che-e-est, to the floor.. Ohh-ohh 
C	                              Am                   
Tearing me silently although abruptly words cant hide as I'm taking you 
home, and I tried to see, 
                F			G
tried to understand your words as I'm taking you home 

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