Richard Buckner - Straight chords

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Straight by Richard Buckner
Album: Dents and Shells

Tablature by: Scott Eisenhardt

Standard Tuning
    A  G  Bm  D5 Dsus4
e|  0  3  2   5  5
B|  2  3  3   3  3
G|  2  0  4   2  0
D|  2  0  4   0  0
A|  0  2  2   x  x
E|  x  3  2   x  x

The parts with D5 and Dsus4 are all similarly flat picked, hammer-on D string.
Here is the pattern from a recording of one his live concerts, the album is slightly different.

    D5               Dsus4        D5 
e| ------------------------------------ |
B| ------3------3----3---------3------- |
A| ------------------------------------ |
E| ------------------------------------ |

D5       Dsus4 D5       Dsus4 D5
It's time, two days away
Bm              A        G         D 
I packed up the last and signed my name

D5             Dsus4 D5        Dsus4 D5
Goodbye my cold and stolen sign
Bm        A     G         D
Forever's never been this long

Bm        G       D                        A
If you're turning I'll show you where I've been
Bm                   G          D5 Dsus4
And then I'll set it straight again

D5            Dsus4 D5          Dsus4 D5
Are you behind or lost and saved
Bm           A           G    D
Man when the lines would wash away

D5            Dsus4 D5       Dsus4 D5
Of all the locks I never knew
Bm   A       G         D
When did you come home too

Bm         G        D              A
I wish I'd lasted a summer more to spend
Bm         G        D
Setting it straight again

Bm        G     D             A
When I go under every now and then
Bm                 G        D
And try and set it straight again

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