Rick Price - Only Reminds Me Of You chords

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Title : Only Reminds Me of You
Artist: Rick Price

Verse 1:
C9         G/B
I see you, beside me
It's only a dream
Dm7             G
Vision of what used to be
C9              G/B
The laughter, the sorrow
Pictures in time
Dm7     G
Fading to memories

Refrain 1:
Am7           G/B       Dm7
How could I ever let you go?
            G               C9
Is it too late to let you know?

C9      G/B
I try to run from your side
But each place I hide
     Dm7          G             C9
   only reminds me of you
When i turn out all the lights
Even the night
     Dm7         G             Ab  Bb   
   only reminds me of you

Verse 2: (use verse 1 chords)
I needed my freedom
That’s what I thought
But I was a fool to believe
My heart lied when you cried
Rivers of tears
But I was too blind to see

Refrain 2:
Everything we’ve been through before
Now it means so much more

Repeat Chorus

Ab    Bb
Only you...

Ab              Bb
So come back to me
I'm down on my knees
Girl can’t you see...

Repeat Refrain 1

Repeat Chorus: 

   Bb                  C9
..only reminds me of you..
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